The God of Time dedicated his life to open the time corridor, and the guardian traveled to the original eternity!

The future has become history, the past has been changed, kill history and reverse the future!

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Gift for new players

Equipment and weapons

The starting point
Start with a knife
Resources depend on robbery

Newborn consumables

10000 kinah and scrolls
1000 potions
Help newbies get started

Upgrade reward

Mission tasks in Level 30 lucky
Get 500000 kinah

Online reward

Spend more time in the game
Every thirty minutes
Get rewards

Our goal

1. Ensure the long-term operation of game content.

2. Create the smoothest gaming experience for all users.

3. Protect players from unfair plug-in attacks.

4. Provide timely and perfect technical support.

5. Ensure the stability of the game server 7*24.

6. Let you get the best experience in the game.

Game anchor enthusiastic participation

Anchor gift

Provide anchor gift packages for novices

Anchor promotion

Participating anchor players will receive kinah

Become an anchor

Get the gift code from the user center

Server information

General information about the server

2.0 version; it is one of the most balanced versions, and dark copies and fortresses are loved by most players.

Expert mode

Provide a one-life clearance mode with high playability for the copy expert group.

Server rate

The classic rate x2 is to establish a balance for the game developer.


Global multi-zone multi-service. You can find nearby players from any country or region to fight together!


Support for the x64 version client can achieve higher performance and stability.

Multilingual system

Play the game in your native language without any additional adjustments. Our client support: German, French, English, Chinese, Spanish, Русский, Turkish

We are in social networks

Join our server community in various social networks. Don't forget to invite your friends!

Contact information

Email : [email protected]

Telegram : Soaion

Facebook : soaioncom